Hotel & Restaurant Management-MoU with Saskatchewan Polytechnic-signed

On 21st November ,2014 Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sk Poly), Canada signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with CIIS for a new program in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The admission for this is open for August 2015 session. In this the students will complete the first year at CIIS before transferring to Saskatchewan to complete their studies which will help meet Saskatchewan labour market needs by supporting immigration.

Honourable Premier of Saskatchewan Mr. Brad Wall witnessed the formal event to mark the agreement signing, in which Mr. David Harvey, Associate Vice president Business Development (Sk Poly) and Lt.Col B.S Sandhu(Chairman and Managing Director-CIIS) signed the agreement. It was co- signed by Ms.Harpreet Kaur(Principal CIIS) and Mr.Ameen Bery (Coordinator Saskatchewan Polytechnic-India). Brig. J.K Jha( Executive Director CGI) and designates from Canadian Consulate showed their presence in the event. Presence of the whole class BCP students of CIIS also added stars to the grand event.
“Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes the role international students play in helping to meet Saskatchewan’s future labour market needs,” said Dr. Larry Rosia, Saskatchewan Polytechnic President and CEO, through a message sent across via Mr. Harvey. “This agreement with CIIS is an expansion of our international programs we broker through partner institutions abroad. The demand for high-quality technical education is on the rise and we know that once these students have attained Canadian academic credentials, many will choose to put down permanent roots in our province.”

“This program is a truly mutually beneficial partnership,” says Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu (Retd.), “The program helps build instructional capacity within India, increases accessibility to affordable internationally certified education and skills training in India, provides potential skilled immigration opportunities and will help to fill critical skills gaps in Saskatchewan.”

Canada Day

Canada day was celebrated on 1st July 2014. Wherein, all the faculty members and new students and their parents [batch2014] came beneath the same roof. All were dressed up very alluringly in the dress code of red and white colour. All played umpteen games and won souvenirs. It was a fun-filled experience and a great opportunity to know our new students in this entertaining get-together.

Investiture Ceremony

It very special day, celebrated with full zeal and excitement. This was the day when many dreams came true for the CIIS alumni [batch 2013]who got the visa for Canada. The students of Foundation in Bio-Technology program-FBT[batch2014] presented a skit in which they showcased the crucial things to carry along to Canada, that would help them through thick and thin. The event concluded with a sumptuous meal. CIIS is known for its 95% visa success rate and thus fulfilling the dreams of many for study overseas.

Teacher’s Day
“The dream begins with a teacher, who believes in you,
Who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau,
Sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called – TRUTH.”

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5 in the memory of Dr. Radhakrishnan who was the first Vice President and the second President of India from 1962 to 1967. Council members from all the courses were allotted responsibilities to organize the function for teachers to show their token of love and appreciation. Many students sung songs, acted and danced for our teachers. Some special games were organized for teachers and the winners were rewarded. At the end our revered Principal and the teachers cut a delicious cake and the day came to an end with lots of happiness and everlasting memories.


Freshers party at CIIS was held on 26th of September,2014. The event started with lamp lighting ceremony by honourable Principal Ma’am Harpreet Kaur. Different performances like bhangra, western dance, singing were done by students. The host of the show was a well- renowned radio jockey from Radio Mirchi. Then the much awaited modelling started. Out of those participating, Bharat and Sakshi were chosen as Mr. and Miss. Fresher. Singer Hart Mankoo rocked the event. Overall it ended up being a memorable day.


14th Founder’s Day
Continental Group of Institutes celebrated its 14th Founder’s Day on November 5, 2014. Founder’s Day is to celebrate and promote an understanding of the shared vision and legacy of our Founder. The chief guest of the program was Gen B.K.N. Chibber, Ex- Governor Punjab. The program started at 1:00 pm with lamp lightning followed by Saraswati Vandana and then cake cutting ceremony by all visiting dignitaries. After the welcome address, our worthy Executive Director, Brig. J.K. Jha, our CMD Col. B.S. Sandhu and our chief guest addressed the audience. Gen. B.K.N Chibber awarded prizes to faculty, staff members and students for their stupendous achievements. Many students sung songs, danced and acted to entertain the audience. At the end, our Executive Director thanked the audience for their presence and staff for their co-operation to make the program a huge success.

12th-19th December, 2014.—  Final Semester Examination Week
23rd December, 2014--  Marks Meeting ( program wise)
6th January, 2015—      Start of Winter Semester
7th January, 2015—      New Year get together
23rd January, 2015—      Academic counselling session.

Instructional Skills Workshop  

A four day’s Instructional Workshop was conducted by Principal-CIIS, for all the new faculty members starting from August 8,2014. In ISW, participants got opportunities to
• Work closely with peers to improve each other’s teaching
• Participate in variety of instructional strategies and techniques
• Increase awareness of participatory learning concepts
• Connect with colleagues from a range of disciplines
• Experience the diversity of a contemporary classroom.
• Recognize the importance of establishing a positive learning environment
• Increase knowledge of self as a teacher
At the end of the workshop, certificates to the participants were given by Ms. Harpreet Kaur (Principal- CIIS).

PRIDE OF CIIS                                                                                    

Maninder Johal
Best Student of the year

Prateek Mathur
Best Student of the year

Best Student of the year

Shruti Avasthi
CIIS Best Faculty of the year
[Management Department]

Harsimran Kaur Kapoor
CIIS Best All Rounder Faculty
[Communication Skills Dept]
 Returning Alumni Comments

a) I really felt great to be back here after 5 years. This is the best Institute I have ever studied in. I owe my respect to this institute.
Amandeep Singh Minhas
META 2008

b) Its a great feeling to be back at the college .I am very thankful to staff and the management of the college for playing a major role in making me what I am today.
Navrattan Sidhu [CPA-2000]

c) I feel proud to be part of CGI,whatever I am today is just because of this college. Thank you for everything
Sikander Pawar

d) I feel so great to be here again.It’s a special feeling to see all my instructors and mentors in CIIS again. Feeling proud and excited.
Tanya Sehgal


Model Making

The Model Making competition was organized in CIIS on 18th and 19th Nov, 2014. The motive of the model making competition was to showcase the talent of the students and encouraged them to do research in the field of Environmental Studies. In this competition, students of AUBU, META and FBT program participated in various groups. The students made models and presentation on various concepts like Hydro-Electric Power, Solar Cooker, Thermal Power etc. Importance was given to the models that had eco-friendly ideas.

Lets Give back to the community!

CIIS Faculty volunteered to dedicate some their time and experience, by interacting with the students at various Govt. High Schoolsin the nearby villages. This activity is being conducted to help the students in understanding the demands of today’s era and to polish their skills. In this regard faculty members of CIIS are conducting various learning workshops, where the students are exploringnew ways of healthy lifestyle - full of art,adventure,and sportsmanship. In schools the students are encouraged to focus on environment requirements like: planting trees, creating a garbage free environment, and also teaching high moral values, equality, and communication skills that will groom them to be better citizens of the nation.

Cleanliness Drive

The month of November have been dedicated by students of CIIS for promoting cleanliness. Each one of them is volunteering to gradually clean the college premises and acting as motivator for others in keeping the surroundings neat and clean. Students gather garbage and move about the campus carrying placards which has quotes related to cleanliness on them. A special mention for the class of BCP program who have procured Trash Bins by collecting money for the premises. The focus of this drive is to encourage everyone to make a clean world, worth living.

Polishing a Jewel
~Hansi Tripe-Communication Faculty

I came to India from St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada) for the first time in 2003, simply as a visitor for four weeks – without knowing at all what to expect, and this is what I saw:-

There were PEOPLE – so many people everywhere. I’d never seen so many people rushing here and there , or riding past on scooters, cycles, ox-carts, cars, rickshaws, even camels and elephants. This amazing cross-section of life – the city’s beating heart - unfolding in front of me. I LOVED it.

Then there was the COLOUR. Women flowing past in magnificent saris, or salwar kameez of every hue imaginable, men in colourful turbans to match their shirts, carts full of bright yellow bananas or very green sweet limes, bins of golden turmeric, red chili in the spice markets. I LOVED the colours.

I visited markets selling everything from plastic buckets to car parts – crockery to cushions – bangles to bhindis – and every kind of clothing. How exciting! I LOVED it.

I toured forts and palaces in Rajasthan. Who could forget the Taj Mahal?. There were ancient temples within caves at Elora and Ajanta and I marvelled at their antiquity. What a rich culture and how lucky I was to be enjoying it. I loved it ALL. Ah…On that visit I discovered that India was beautiful Jewel.

But then there was the LITTER. This I did NOT love.

As a visitor, I couldn’t help but notice all the litter and refuse in parks, on streets, at historic sites, at railway stations – trash that to a visitor was tarnishing this Country - this Jewel.

On returning ten years later, I still enjoy all the things I loved before, and I still hate the litter. But happily, on October 2nd of this year, the Clean India Campaign –“inspired by patriotism” was launched nation-wide by Prime Minister Modi. No more is this a job to be dealt with by “someone else”. In the 21st Century, it is the responsibility of all of us to do whatever is required to clean up and preserve the planet for ourselves, for our children and for future generations to come. In every country of the Earth, we must all do what we can to save the environment. Each one of us has to pitch in –by not wasting water, by recycling paper and plastic, by bending over to pick up litter in our parks and in front of our house, by using waste bins for trash – by any means necessary..

Personally, I do not want litter to be what visitors remember about India. I want them to only see the Jewel that I found. Please take part in polishing this Jewel.

Birbal Shortens a road
~Amandeep Kaur Pahwa-Manager-International Relations

The emperor Akbar was travelling to a distant place along with some of his courtiers. It was a hot day and the emperor was tired of the journey.
“Can’t anybody shorten this road for me?” he asked, querulously.
“I can,” said Birbal.
The other courtiers looked at one another, perplexed. All of them knew there was no other path through the hilly terrain. The road they were travelling on was the only one that could take them to their destination.
“You can shorten the road?” said the emperor. “Well, do it.”
“I will,” said Birbal. “Listen first to this story I have to tell.”
And riding beside the emperor’s palanquin, he launched upon a long and intriguing tale that held Akbar and all those listening, spell-bound. Before they knew it they had reached the end of their journey.
“We’ve reached?” exclaimed Akbar. “So soon!”
“Well,” grinned Birbal, “You did say you wanted the road to be shortened.”
Enjoy your work with sincerity towards your ultimate goal..... your journey will be completed, with your true involvement, towards your destination, full of achievements and success in no time……..All the Best!

Parents Teacher Meeting
Parents Teacher meeting of was held on October 20,2014. It was organized to discuss the grades that the students have achieved and also about the problems if any. By this, the parents came to know about their ward’s performance and then could work on encouraging their child to improve his/her grades. This is an initiative taken by CIIS in order to bridge the gap between the institute and parents.
Alumni Interaction
Ms. Tanya Sehgal (International Recruitment and Admission Coordinator, Kwantlen Polytechnic University , Vancouver) student of cohort 2009 from CIIS visited CGI on September 25, 2014 and interacted with CIIS students. She shared various experiences of her journey starting from CIIS till now. The purpose of this was to provide insight to the students as what they should do and how they should study at CIIS & TRU to be successful.
Car Wars
A Car Wars tournament was organized for CIIS students under the supervision of Mr. Kabal Singh, faculty Mechanical Dept., in which the students from different programs participated with their designed cars. A total of 14 teams participated in the event. The event took place from Oct 14, Oct.17th ,2014. The runner-up team of the tournament was Death Warriors,and the event was won by Twisted Metal with team members, Vipul, Abhinav and Raghav from META SEM-1.
International Faculty
Professor Robert Tripe From 1970 to 1979, he worked with a research group within the department of Hydrography for Federal Government of Canada. He worked as a Programmer Analyst. He used to develop software and provide training to people to use it. In 1979 he quit his job and joined Computer Science Department at Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario. In 1994 he took over as chairman of the department. Later he worked as Campus Manager till 2001. He visited CIIS Mohali in 2004 and taught for 2 semesters. He was Academic Principal for about 6 months. Then he visited CIIS again in June 2014. He is presently teaching computer subjects like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and conducting career counselling sessions in various cities of North India.
Hansi Tripe works at CIIS as a part of communication faculty. She has done diploma in Computer Science from Niagara College. She worked for several years at Niagara college in counselling department. She was the in charge of finding work placements for students. She also worked for the program-Ontario Basic Skills. Besides all this she also enjoys tap dancing and is a part of big chorus of women called 'The Circle of Harmony'.
Foreign Partner’s Visit
  • Mr.Gary Harris : Program Co-ordinator - Mechanical Engineering, Georgian College, Canada (18th Aug -22nd Aug, 2014)
  • Mr. Kevin Weavers, Dean,Visual Arts, Georgian College, Canada(18th Aug- 22nd Aug,2014)
  • Mr. Jim Smith, Faculty AUBU, Georgian College, Canada (18th Aug- 22nd Aug,2014)
  • Jason A Mazzei , Manager-International Education, Saskatchewan Polytechnic,Canada ( 26th Sep,2014)
  • Dr. Paul Holden (President and CEO), Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT),Canada( 20th Oct,2014)
  • Ms. Ellen Brownstone (Director-International & Institutional Relations, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT),Canada( 20th Oct,2014)
  • Mr. David Harvey, Associate Vice President, Business Development, Saskatchewan Polytechnic,Canada( 20th-21st Nov, 2014)
  • Mr. Jürgen Männicke, Senior Consultant to iMOVE,EDUCON - International Vocational Education Consultancy & Marketing, Germany (24th Nov, 2014)
  • Dr.Mila Kwiatkowska, Associate Professor TRU, Canada (24th Nov-28th Nov, 2014)
  • Mr. Graham Chute, Program Head-Business Administration, Saskatchewan Polytechnic,Canada (11th Dec -20th Dec, 2014)
  • Mr.Gary Harris : Program Co-ordinator - Mechanical Engineering, Georgian College, Canada (12th Dec -18th Dec, 2014)
  • Mr. Jim Smith, Faculty AUBU, Georgian College, Canada (12th Dec -18th Dec, 2014)
Save Tigers
Hunting of tigers has been banned,
Unabiding should be challaned
Tigers should be saved,
But not killed and graved
We should try to give them life,
Rather we are killing them alive
Everyone is saying save them, save them,
But in real no one cares for them
Think of it, if someone kills you,
And hangs you on the wall
For our comforts we are killing them,
But remember by this we will go to hell
I will say this only

Ratanjot Kaur
Student’s Achievement

Iqbalpreet Singh Kharoud of BCS and is a stupendous performer in studies, as well as in extra-curricular activities. He started writing poetry when he was 11 years old. He got Best Performer Award when he was in school. He made 2 live recording videos for an audition for the show “India’s Raw Star” and a clip from those videos was shown on that show. For that video, he was praised by Honey Singh, the most popular rapper of India. He has performed several times in the Continental Group of Institutes, and was praised by everyone for his brilliant performance. He was blessed with good comments about a bright future in this industry. His first mix tape is being released in December 2014.

Students Testimonials

I, Ratanjot Kaur,
believe that Continental Institute for International Studies shows the best way to reach Canada academically. The whole environment here gives you a feel of Canada. I believe that the teaching methodology is overwhelmingly good. Our revered Principal Ma’am and faculty members maintain a very friendly relation with all the students. Being in India, CIIS has given me international exposure as our two teachers, Prof. Robert Tripe and Prof. Hansi Tripe are from Canada. My overall experience at CIIS is very good. Pursuing BCS [batch 2014]

I, Karandeep Singh Boparai,
pursuing FBT course, feel overwhelmed to express my feelings regarding CIIS. As we all know, CIIS is the platform which helps an individual to grab their dreams to study overseas. Moreover, it is very crucial for a student to taste the spice of Indian college lifestyle. In our case, we enjoy both Indian and Canadian culture equally here on the premises. To hammer the nail, definitely we are extremely fortunate that we are investing our money in a correct and trust -worthy place.


Editorial Team

Editor - Amandeep Saini- Communications Instructor
Sub-editors - Ratanjot Kaur -BCS-sem 1, Karandeep Singh Boparai
-FBT, Isha Saini BCS-sem 1,Sakshi Kanwar-BCS-sem 1
Proof Reader - Hansi Tripe-Communications Instructor
Desiger - Gurinder Singh- System's Engineer, Harpreet Kaur -Principal-CIIS

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