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CGI Social Activity– Save Earth

Going green is easier than you think! There are little things we can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a less harmful impact on the environment. Taking care of the Earth is not just a responsibility -- it’s a privilege. CGI had organized a cleanliness drive on the Highway adjoining our campus, approximately up 5 kms from Fatehgarh Sahib. In Fatehgarh Sahib, "Shaheedi Jor Mela" was held on 26-28th December. This is an annual affair. Lakhs of people attend it every year. Lots of stalls are set-up on the sides of the roads providing scrumptious food for the devotees free of cost. But the sad part is, it creates a lot of uncleanliness as tonnes of garbage is littered around by people. So, CGI team took this initiative and decided to pick up disposable plates, glasses, plastics (non-biodegradable stuff) which remains left out around the roadsides. Approx. 100 faculty & staff members participated in this social cause. It turned out to be a successful activity thus, giving a positive message for keeping our environment clean.
Workshop on CNC Application

Full Day “CNC Applications – Level 1” Workshop was held on 8th & 9th January 2014 by Mr. Prabhjot Singh Nanrey (MET-AM Coordinator) & Mr. Jharminder Singh (Assistant Professor– MET– AM). The topics introduced in the workshop were basic training in CNC programming, safe setup and operation of a CNC Lathe and CNC Mill. 6 faculty members participated in the workshop. As CNC is one of the latest technology in Mechanical World so the faculty members got benefited from this knowledge and imparted it to their students what they learnt.
Workshop on Emotional Intelligence
A Workshop on the topic ‘ Emotional Intelligence ’ was conducted by Ms. Harleen Kaur (Assistant Professor – Communication Skills) on 14th January 2014. The workshop was focused on how it matters more than IQ and why it is so important in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence profoundly impacts the quality of our lives. It is another way of saying 'human effectiveness' and is important because it sets the stage for our ability to succeed at life. It holds a lot of importance in our personal as well as professional lives and was organized so that the faculty members and further the students could be benefitted. 51 faculty members attended the same.
February 19th—  Athletic Meet
February 20th—  Debate Competition by Communication Skills Department.
February 26th—  Photography competition. Best entries will be awarded
March 3rd-7th—  Mid Term Examination Week
March 18th—      Parent’s Teacher Meeting of MET-AM, AUBU & BCS (Sem– 2)
March 21st—      Parent’s Teacher Meeting of BAC, MTPS & BCS (Sem– 4)
March 22nd—      Quiz Program of AUBU and SIAST

Environmental Science Project Exhibition  

Environmental Science project exhibition was held on 11th December 2013 , wherein 35 students of MET - AM under the guidance of Navjeet Kaur Malhotra participated. It is important to remember that we as humans are a part of the environment. Such type of projects help in reducing, reusing and recycling wastes and also save the environment from pollution and also create awareness of the same of others.

PRIDE OF CIIS                                                                                    
Dilpreet Kaur, AUBU (GC)-Sem 1, Scored 89.77%                              
Vishal Chouhan, MET-AM (GC)- Sem 1, Scored 86%                        
Saurabh Sharma, CSD (TRU)- Sem 3, Scored 83.4%                 
Harmanpreet Singh, CSD (TRU)- Sem 1, Scored 80.5%                      
Hardeep Singh , MTPS (GC)- Sem 1, Scored 72%                        
Jaspreet Kaur Sidhu, BAC (SIAST) - Sem 1, Scored 69.22%          
Navinder Singh Bains, FBT (RRC) - Sem-1, Scored 8 Bands In IELTS
Dilpreet Kaur AUBU (GC)- Sem 2, Ruhi Naaz Quadri & Shirish Dwivedi CSD (TRU)- Sem 4 Scored 7.5 Bands In IELTS                                    
Ex-Student: Mr. Pardeep Singh (MTPS) from 2012 batch of CIIS visited CGI on 18th December 2013 and interacted with the current cohort. He shared his experiences of living, studying and working in Canada. He suggested that they need to learn to communicate well in English language and adhere to the deadlines to be successful there.
Ex Student: Ms. Gurpreet Jassal (Bachelor of Computing Science) 2007 Batch of CIIS visited CGI on 10th February 2014 and interacted with Computing science Diploma sem-2 & Sem-4 cohort. She shared her experiences & guided students on how to make their living easier in Kamploops, TRU. During her talk, she emphasised on the academic standards, plagarism & adhering to the deadlines.
 Petite Réunion 2013 at Toronto, Canada
In a beautiful get together event in Toronto, our invaluable alumni was invited in which they re-lived all their bygone moments with their dear friends, faculty members who taught them (Canadians/ Indians ) and batch mates with whom they had a lot of fun. In the Reunion party, CIIS Alumni also highlighted their achievements, shared their experiences. CIIS’s motive was to get its precious alumni interact with their faculty members, ex-classmates and revive old moments. A small memento was given to each so as to take back these memories and with a promise to meet again soon!
blood donation tennis court

Blood Donation Camp held at CGI on 28th Jan ’2014

Inauguration of Tennis Court by Col. B.S Sandhu (CMD– CGI) on 24th Jan’2014
cloud computingWorkshop on Cloud Computing
A very beneficial workshop on Cloud Computing and SharePoint was conducted on 12 February 2014. A demonstration was given by Mr. Hitendra Taneja (IT Head) to apprise the students and faculty members about the facilities being offered by the College to give a world class experience. There were about 100 students and 18 Faculty members in the workshop. Using this platform, faculty can upload the study material for their students, which the students can access online at any point of time from any place. This will give them the experience of a virtual class and at the same time, the faculty members can upload the assignments which will save them paper as well as time. The students and the faculty members were very appreciative of the workshop and found it to be very useful.
Special points of interest:
  • On January 13 –14th, Registration of CIIS students took place.
  • On January 15th, Classes at CIIS commenced.
  • February 3rd was the last date of fee submission for Core Programs.
  • February 6th was IBP’s last date of fee submission.
CIIS Achiever’s
Inderjit Singh ( CIIS – Workshop Instructor ) manufactured turning tool for CNC lathe machine. The carbide tool used on lathe machine is costly. It costs around Rs. 800 - Rs. 1100 per piece in the market but his innovation has made the HSS tool cost us only Rs. 150. The life span of the tool has also increased and it can be sharpened again.
Foreign Dignitaries
Gary Harris (Coordinator – MET – AM , Georgian College ) & Jim Smith ( Professor – AUBU, Georgian College ) visited CIIS. During their visit, they held interactive sessions with the students about study and career prospects in Canada. They focused on the academic environment in the GC, Canada and highlighted the success of the Indian students over there.
 Technical Poster Display
MET– AM students displayed their technical poster making skills on 5 February 2014. Students were already assigned different topics in January. These topics were assigned to them from the subject- Engineering Materials under the guidance of Mr. Jharminder Singh (Assistant Professor), Mr. Jagbir Singh (Assistant Professor) and Mr. Rohit Bibra (Assistant Professor). Program Coordinator – Mr. Prabhjot Nanrey believes that this event has proved to be a great learning experience for himself, his team, as well as for all the CIIS students. Principal CIIS - Ms. Harpreet Kaur appreciated all students for their hardwork. Congratulations to Harinder, Gurjit and Rajdeep, for bagging the first position.

ROBERT L.K. TRIPE, International Academic Coordinator
Robert L.K. Tripe, is a highly experienced Canadian Professor from Carleton University with 30 plus years of extensive academic experience. He will help in recruiting new students and later teach the cohort of 2014. We are lucky that Robert will be here with us for seven months to share his knowledge and expertise with the CIIS students and faculty members.

Foreign Partner Visits

  • Mr. Bill Blok : Advisor and Recruiter International Relations- Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) ( 17th February, 2014 )
  • Brenda Mathews : International Coordinator, Computing Science Department – Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada. ( 25th - 28th February 2014 )
  • Miles Fahlman: Project Coordinator, International Education / Business Development and Advancement & Michael Van Grondella : Head, Hotel, Restaurant and Management Program- SIAST (1st—10th March 2014 )


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