Co-operative Education Definition

Co-operative Education Definition

Co-op Education in general term refers to cooperation between College andIndustry. It is a proven, realistic and practical method of career education adopted from the developed world that integrates academics with relevant work experience, blending career ambitions with studies through work experience.

This unique mix of learning with working enables students to gain valuable experience. The students can also obtain Graduate Employment Authorization to work in Canada on completion of their Diploma / Degree in Canada*. The college boasts of a 100 percent co-op placement record till date.

Co-operative Education : This system of education allows students to undertake productive work in the industry for a period of 12 to 14 weeks periodically.

Students go on Co-op in various organizations according to their area of expertise and field of study. Students are then regularly monitored on the job by the Co-op department and their concerned faculty. Feedback is taken from both the employers as well as the students. On returning to campus, students are to give a presentation on their work and experience. The junior students also benefit by participating in these presentations.

The Co-op is a metamorphosis stage for students. They step into the industry as raw talent and return to CIIS enriched with experience and maturity. This combination of work and study develops professionalism, applies classroom training to practical situations, and encourages academic achievement by expanding knowledge and skills.


Personalized counseling is provided to students throughout their tenure at CIIS before each Co-op work-term and for employment in various organizations including self employment, scope of higher education within the country and abroad after their graduation.

The Co-op Department is fully functional and geared up to provide its quality services not only in employment to students during studies, but also their employability through well planned and organized training and personality development programmes in their progress to face the corporate world