Engineering Labs

Engineering Labs

Applied Sciences Labs Applied Sciences department keeps pace with the rapid advancement in technology by providing well-equipped labs and teaching to the students. All the applied sciences labs have state-of-the-art infrastructure. The study of theory subjects and hands on experimental set-ups help the students in strengthening their core engineering knowledge. The department includes three labs:

Physics Lab: The laboratory is equipped with the latest instruments. There is a separate Dark Room for the lab for performing Holography and other laser optics related experiments. The lab includes instruments like Stewart & Gee's Tangent Galvanometer, Dielectric Constant measurement kit, Laser source (diode laser), optical bench, laser accessories, diffraction grating, Michelson`s Interferometer, He-Ne Laser, Advanced Optical Fiber Kit 'SCIENTECH' model 2501, Optical power meter, Optical Fiber cable, Quinck's tube with stand, FeCl3 electromagnet, Traveling Microscope etc. 

Chemistry Lab:The institute has a well built, spacious and fully equipped lab. The main equipments in the lab include Conductivity Bridge, Redwood Viscometer, Flash Point apparatus, pH meter, Colorimeter etc. To make the students aware of the hazards of the chemicals in the lab and safety precautions to be taken while working are introduced to the students during the first lab session. The lab provides an environment which encourages an inquisitive mind, investigate approach and this helps the students in developing competence and confidence. 
Communication Skills Lab : The institute has a well-equipped and fully air-conditioned communication lab.The students learn speaking as well as listening skills in the lab with the help of modern software available in the communication lab. To make learning effective each student in the lab is provided with a computer, headphone and mike.


Civil Engineering Labs:

Surveying Laboratory:In these laboratory measurements of distances using chain and tape, bearing of lines using compass, reduced levels and contours using level etc are determined. The experiments include determination Use of modern equipment like total station will be demonstrated. This laboratory course will help the students to understand the theoretical concepts learned in the course surveying. Height of mountains, depth of valley etc are measured by surveyors. The surveying laboratory familiarizes the students surveying equipment’s. Surveying Drawings are plotted and then designed using CAD tools.

Structure Mechanics Lab: This lab is the latest one in this field. It provides the knowledge of structures to calculate force, deflection, behavior and stress with applied mechanics of beams, arches, trusses and frames for loadings. The load calculation is compared with measured results. The lab work includes deflection using a simply supported beam, truss, horizontal deflection & vertical deflection of various joints of a pin- jointed truss, behavior of struts, elastic properties of beam, Uniaxial tension test for steel and compression test.

Soil Mechanics & Geotechnology Lab: Soil Mechanics and Geotechnology Laboratory in Civil engineering determines the engineering and physical properties of soil. The engineering properties include compressibility, permeability, and consolidation, shear strength and bearing capacity of soil, whereas the physical properties include gravity, density, moisture, consistency limits and shrinkage limits. All these properties are necessary for robust design of structural foundations. This laboratory is well furnished with new and modern facilities and equipment for soil experiments and soil investigation. This course curriculum helps the students gain practical knowledge about the theoretical concepts studied in Geotechnical Engineering.

Concrete Lab: In the Concrete technology lab, the physical properties of various building construction materials (cement, coarse, steel, wood etc.) are studied. Various tests are performed in the laboratory to determine the properties of concrete materials for specific gravity, normal consistency, workability and fineness etc. The students test and find the perfect concrete blend for a durable construction. The mix of material proportion is carried out to maintain integrity.

Transportation Lab: This lab deals with a detailed study and understanding of coarse aggregates and bitumen. The lab work includes tests for impact, abrasion, attrition test and crushing strength for coarse aggregate and tests for penetration, ductility, viscosity, softening point and flash and fire point for bitumen. The students learn to find the perfect mix for construction of roads. Frequent visits are arranged for students at highway construction site.

Fluid Mechanics Lab: This lab provides a way to determine the various parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and in open channels. In this lab, the characteristics of pumps and turbines are also studied. This lab work involves determining the viscosity and mass density of fluids. friction factor, minor loss coefficients, and coefficient of discharge of constriction meters, orifices, mouth pieces, notches and weirs, characteristics of flow profiles and hydraulic jump and characteristics of pumps and turbines and verification of momentum theorem are thereby studied and experimented in the lab.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory: The objective of this laboratory is to inculcate among students environmental awareness determine by making them aware of qualities of water and waste water, quality of air and noise characteristics. PH, turbidity, conductivity, and impurities in water and BOD, DO and COD of waste water and pollution level of air and noise. The aim of this lab is to portrait environmental engineering testing procedures.

Computer Aided Design Laboratory: The Computer aided design Lab provides an environment to the students of Civil engineering an automated way of designing and drafting the structures. Numerous software’s are available which facilitates the numerical work of various calculations and estimations. The software’s provide inbuilt tools for analysis and design of structures, drawing of structures, construction management, design of foundations, water resources, transportation and environmental management, remote sensing and Geographical information System (GIS) application. Software’s like CAD, STADD PRO, STRUDS etc. provide a platform for civil engineering innovations by the students.

Computer Science And Engineering Labs

Operating System Lab.: These labs, are being used for practical courses on C, C++, Data-structures. Algorithms and Computer Networks. The lab have recently been upgraded with 30 latest Core 2 Duo machines. Also they are equipped with Window 2008 Programming. Cyrix Server with range of network equipment which includes D-Link Switch, Radio Modem, Hubs, Patch Panel etc. The lab. Provides for on-hand experience in Networking using Windows 2008 Environment. It also has Linux and Novell Netware licensed operating systems.

Multimedia & Graphics Lab.: The Multimedia Graphics Lab. Serves for practical sources in Computer Graphics. This lab is equipped with 30 latest Core 2 Duo based multimedia PCs. Also the lab. Boasts of an Acer Altos Server. The lab. Provides working experience in Windows and Linux environments. This lab. also has licensed Adobe Photoshop on all machines.

The lab is primarily for practical courses on Microprocessors. The lab. is equipped with 10 trainer kits of 8085, 8086 & Z-80 (Oscilloscopes, Frequency Counters, Function Generators, Pulse Generators, Dual Output Power Supplies, Logic Design Trainer Kits, IC Tester Distortion Factor Meter and other cards and Peripherals.

Artificial Intelligence Lab:This lab is provided with Mat Lab and other related Softwares with neural Network and Logic tool boxes for giving students.

RDMBS Lab: This lab also has 30 latest Core 2 Duo machines with Oracle System Software, for giving students practical knowledge of data base management.

Internet Lab: This lab is solely used for the purpose of internet surfing by all students of the college.

Multimedia Facility:The department is also equipped with LCD Projector for use during seminars and conferences. Besides the lab. specific equipment, the department also has some common lab. facilities which are used as per requirement of the students. These include a Compaq Laptop, Digital Camera, Video Camera and Web Cameras. The department keeps itself updated with the latest software required for proper functioning of the labs and to meet the needs of the students. The computers of the department are equipped with Windows XP, AutoCAD, Ms-Office, Borland C++ and relevant software. Apart from these facilities available in the department, students are also exposed to networking facility available in the Computer lab.

Mechanical Engineering Labs

Fluid Mechanics Lab: Study of flow measurement devices. Bernoulli Apparatus, Reynould's apparatus for : (i) Bernoulli's theorem (ii) Reynould's Pitot, Orifice, Mouth Piece Notches, Metacentric height of ship model.

Test Rigs for (i) Francis Turbine, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Gear Pumps, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump and much more.

Thermodynamics Lab: Axial flow fan test rig. Section model of two stroke diesel engine, Double Staged Compressor test rig. Centrifugal blower test rig, multicylinder petrol engine T.R. with hydraulic dynamometer, simple cylinder diesel engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer, separating calorimeter.

Heat Transfer Lab: Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced convention.

HP Plotters, HP Laser Jets and HP Scanner
I-DEAS Modeler and Manufacturing
NISA Display III with Complete Module
AutoCAD Mechanical DeskTop
CNC Lathe & Milling Simulator
AutoCAD Land Development Desktop
C-MOS Milling & Lathe Simulator
Smart Team PDM Software
Solid Works
Autodesk Inventor Professional 2008
The fact that the CAD/CAM Lab has the most advanced and highly sophisticated CNC Lathe & CNC wire EDM, is itself a proof for the interest the college has for Research and Development activities. The students are given hands on experience in part programming & operation. This enables the students to undertake challenging research oriented projects.
Ice plant tutor, Refrigerators, Section models of : (i) hermatically sealed compressor (ii) Semi sealed Compressor (iii) Window A/c testrig (iv) Refrigeration test rig and others.

Strength Of Materials Lab: Universal Testing Machine, Creep & Fatigue Testing Machine, Hardness Testing, Impact Testing Machine, Wood Testing Machine. Ľ Pendulum Impact Testing Machine, Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers Hardness Testing M/c, Universal Testing Machine of 100T Capacity, Compression Testing Machine, Tensile Tester, Torsion Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Load Cell.

Theory of Machines Lab: Apparatus for Universal Governer, Universal vibration, Epicydic dear train, Cam Analysis Machine, Motorised Gyroscope and others.

Materials and Metallurgy Lab: Muffle Furnace, Polishing Machines, Microscopes, Jomney End Quench apparatus and more.

Measurement and Meterology Lab: Profile Projector, Todo Microscope, Surface Texture Apparatus and other sophisticated measuring instruments.

Automobile Lab: Esteem Engine models and sections of various types of differential and engines, other automobile parts and Maruticar for displaying parts.

Machine Shop
Capstan Turret Lathes,Shaping Machines, Milling Machines, Cylindrical and Surface Grinder
Tool and Cutter Grinder, Slotting Machines, Centre Lathes, Radial Drilling Machine, Hacksaw machine, Tool Dynamometer test facility
Foundry Shop & Sand Testing Equipment
Fumace, facility of pit bench and floor modeling, along with tools and other accessories.

Carpentry & Pattern Making
Wood working machine, lathes, drilling machine etc. with wood cutting tools and other equipment.

Machine Shop
Lathe, drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, slotters etc.

Smithy Shop
Furnaces, blowers and various other essential tools required for forging processes.

Electric Shop
Arrangement for testing and making various kinds of electric circuits and required tools and equipments.

Sheet Metal Shop
Essential machinery and equipments for sheet cutting, rolling, bending processes and for making joints etc.

Fitting Shop
Equipped with drilling machines, power hacksaw and all the equipments required for fitting purposes.

Welding Shop
D.C. Generator, A.C. Generator arrangement for arc welding, Tig Welding, Mig. Welding, Oxy-acetylene welding, brazing and soldering, butt welding and seam welding.

Electronics & Communication Engineering Labs

Computer Lab: Latest computer systems with softwares like Matlab, Commsim, Multisim, Keil , Xilinx and Ultiboard are available for students of Electronics and Communication Engg for their hands-on training and job experience with the latest emerging technology in this branch.

Printed Circuit Board Lab: In this electronic world we can't imagine an electronic device without PCB. This lab has been included in curriculum for benefit of the students to provide industry oriented training in PCB design, Fabrication, Assembling & Testing.
Printed Circuit Board laboratory focuses on training the students both in Design and Fabrication of PCB. The students enhance their knowledge in various routing techniques, design rules and schematic design. Also the students are trained to create new library for various components. In this lab students are fabricating the given circuit, assembled it and testing has to be done.
The features and facilities available in this lab will help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in PCBs.
Apart from this we are conducting short term course on PCB design and fabrication for other department students and other college students during the vacation period.
List of Equipments:
. Art Work Film Maker
. Curing Machine (Oven)
. Dip Coating Machine
. U.V Exposure Unit
. Etch Etching Machine
. Drilling Machine
. Shearing Machine
. Dye Developer
. Chemicals for PCB Processing

Microprocessor & Digital Electronics Lab: In addition to the various add on cards, the lab is equipped with the microprocessor kits of 8085, 8086 and Microcontrollers such as 8051, 8951. Complete Digital electronics kits such as Multiplexer, ALU and gates are available with the department for the training of students along with PC, Band project Labs.

Communication Lab: The Communication lab is well equipped with the latest measurement and communication devices. The lab boasts of a standard function generators and super heterodyne receivers, a wide range of CRO's with audio oscillators and high frequency generators. PCM Multiplexing and Demultiplexing kits are also available. For the Digital Communication the deptt. has ASK, PSK, FSK and Delta Modulation Kits.

Microwave Lab: Sophisticated devices like advanced antenna are present in this Lab. The other instruments used are reflex, klystrons, Gunn Diodes, Wave-Guides, Flonges, Attenuators, Frequency meters, Slotted Sections, probes, Circulators, and Tees.

Control and Instrumentation Lab: All the equipments relating to basics of instrumentation such as Kelvin Bridge, Wheotstone bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge are available with the deptt. For process and control applications the deptt. has PID controllers, Compensators, AC and DC Motor Controllers, AC and DC error controllers.

Network & Electronic Devices Lab: This lab has the kits relating to passive filters such as Low Pass, High Pass,, Band Pass, Band Stop, Constant-K, m-derived and composite filters. This lab also has kits for study and analysis of basic active components such as h-parameter study kits for transistors, CB CC and CE configurations of BJT, Biosing circuits for FET and MOSFET. This lab further has kits for study of OP-Amp and its applications in analog computation, summing amplifier, logarithmic amplifier, Integrator and differentiator.

Digital Signal Processing Lab: The Digital Signal Processing and VLSI applications are becoming more prevalent in every day use. The field of DSP/VLSI was developed due to the flexibility offered by the use of digital computers in implementing signal processing algorithms and systems. There is a constant need for designing systems with lower power ,higher speed and lower area. The DSP/VLSI lab is equipped with hordes of personal computers. The students enrich their knowledge by using the software tools like matlab,modelsim,Leonardo spectrum,xilinx,HDL Designer Pro and cadence.
. Texas Instruments DSP Kits/TMS320C31/50/5416/6711
. Analog Devices DSP Kits ADSP2181
. Matlab Ver 6.5/ R13 with various tool boxes
. HCL PCs I3 /19 Monitors
. MATLAB 7.5 with various tool boxes
Vlsi Lab
Hardware And Software Tools
. FPGA Base station
. Xilinux / Altera FPGA Adapter Board
. Prototype Boards
. HCL PCs I3 /19 Monitors
. Quartus 7.2 version
. FPGA advantage Modelsim/ Leanardo spectrum
. Xilinx 7.1

Optical Communication Lab: The optical communication laboratory is setup to complement the topics studied in the optical communication theory course. The lab is equipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules to enable the study of components of an optical communication system.

The students perform experiments to study the characteristics of optical sources (LED & LD) and optical detectors (LD & APD) and optical fibers. Fault detection in a fiber link is studied using the OTDR module. A FSO module enables study of Transmission of optical signal in free space. The lab is equipped with connect and splicing kits.
. Optical Fiber Trainer Kits
. Optical Source (LED & LD)
. Optical detector (PD & APD)
. Power Meter
. OTDR Building Block
. Video link with Transmitter
. Glass & Plastic Fiber
. Connect and Splicing kits
. Single Mode Fiber Characteristics Study Setup, add on to existing OFS