Inspirational Alumni

Inspirational Alumni

My journey: CIIS to now….

"Studying BBA at CIIS was probably the best career decision I have ever made", all my life until PMT exams I dreamt and thought of becoming a Neurosurgeon. But after not being able to crack the PMT right in the first attempt following board exmas, I was all broken. Shattered dreams, uncertain ambition and entirely heartbroken after all the hard work I had done during my high school education, it all seemed meaningless. Suddenly one day I met a Bank Manger (Lady) and I was totally in awe of her. The way she talked with people, the positive ambience she created around her and everything else about her was just so positive. That made me think why can't I be her, I have studied more difficult courses than her so I surely deserve something better and that is when I recalled CIIS reps visit to my school in Mussoorie.

The thing that brought my attention to CIIS was the significant entrance scholarship based on my 12th board results (93%) and there started the wave of positive and encouraging things that I heard and felt at CIIS. It was a great relief to hear that someone values and awards my hard work. So it all started and semester after semester, my soft skills and knowledge in the Business field grew without leaps and bounds. It wasn't easy to stand 1st in all semesters coming from a science background but I worked for it and the biggest motivation were my professors; I can't ever have enough words to thank them for their encouragement and believe in me. My first ever job (co-op: paid training while you are enrolled in degree) was with WWICS (Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd.) which is World's Largest Immigration Group. And sure enough this was just the beginning I wanted for my career. I enhanced my communication and client acquisition as well as retention skills under the sincere guidance of an approachable & result oriented supervisor.

After 5 semesters of BBA, I moved to TRU in Kamloops,Canada. The visa filling and every other assistant was readily available at CIIS and it helped me ease out the process. When I came to TRU, I knew it was hard to maintain my scholarship and GPA and keep performing at the same level as CIIS. Once again, hard work, persistence, good professors and sheer belief in my abilities made that feasible and I secured a scholarship at TRU as well based on my GPA.

After 2 semesters of study at Thompson Rivers University, I applied for co-op jobs and luckily got the offer to work with my own university (TRU) International Marketing team. A great team with such positivity and "need" to grow day and night, this definitely was a great beginning, financially and experience wise. Right after finishing my last semester at TRU with majors in finance and minor in marketing, I was offered a Business development position at Investors Group, which happens to be the largest wealth management firm in Canada. I worked there for around 13 months when I was offered the Financial Services Manager position at one of big five banks in Canada BMO (Bank of Montreal), I am currently working here and completely loving it. It sure was the most emotional moment for me as it was my dream to work for BMO and now with such a respectful position is a real gift from God.

So now I believe you would understand why I said that "Studying BBA at CIIS was probably the best career decision I have ever made". It truly was the best way I could have gone and landed here at a dreamy stage in my career & life. Working with such big firms and higher thinking people is a must-do, my involvement in the community has always been very beneficial towards my goals, presently I am representing my city in the Miss BC(British Columbia) contest which is not so much of a beauty contest but a great stage to voice my opinion on violence against women. And these ideas and opportunities come to us when we have a strong beginning in our field of expertise and CIIS undoubtedly did the trick for me! Very heartfelt and sincere thanks to all my professors, teachers, Supervisors and specially CIIS & TRU for making my dreams come true.

Monika Singh

I, Gurpreet Jassal , am a graduate with BCS degree from TRU, Kamloops, Canada. I joined CIIS in Fall 2006. I completed my CSOM (diploma) and left for TRU in Fall 2009. It was a different experience both in CIIS and TRU. In CIIS, I got an opportunity to study from some of the best professors of both Indian and Canadian origin. There have been many faculty members who have been an important part in my completion of degree that includes Harpreet Mam, Salil Sir, Vivek Sir, Brenda Matthews and Leo Burstyn. CIIS has been a platform through which I could experience the life in Canada. Experience in TRU has been easy, interesting and challenging at the same time. The style of teaching is unique, the living style is different, the culture is different but it has been a great learning experience. I did my co-op's both in India and Canada that gave a chance to step into the real world and implement what I had studied. Overall, my experience in CIIS and TRU has been a great learning experience and this has definitely made me ready and confident to face any challenge in life.
Gurpreet Jassal