Director's Message

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Alan Shaver

President & Vice Chancellor,
TRU BC, Canada

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is proud to partner with The Continental Institute for International Studies (CIIS) to deliver
quality Canadian post-secondary education. This innovative collaboration offers Indian students the opportunity to gain an international education in India and in Canada, thus, building their skills and knowledge for success in a global economy. These
programs provide CIIS students pathway opportunities to transfer to TRU and graduate with internationally-recognized academic credentials designed to meet the needs of business & industry.

TRU has over 50 years' experience in international education. Students from more than 80 countries come to TRU each year to take advantage of our comprehensive range of programs, our unique combinations of flexible learning options and our balance of theoretical and applied studies. TRU also reaches out to the world through an extensive student exchange program and
through partnerships and projects in nearly 50 countries. It has also enabled our students to develop lifelong skills and connections as they prepare for life and work as citizens of our global village.

I encourage you to consider the pathway from CIIS to TRU for your education. .