Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Name: Anjita Singh
Current position/organization: Application Specialist, Ceridian Canada Ltd.
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status (optional): Permanent Resident (PR)
Professional growth: I started my BCS degree in fall 2011 and secured 4.0 GPA each semester. I did my CO-OP as an Application Support at Teck Resources. Following this I had the privilege of working with prestigious The City of Calgary as the Software Developer for 2 years.Journey of my career started at CIIS where every teacher was supportive and laid the path for my success in the coming years.

Name: Jaskiran Pabla
Current position/organization: Assistant Manager (Stadus Enterprises)
Program name: AUBU
Partner: Georgian College
Current visa status:PR
Professional Growth: CGI taught me how to be job oriented. CGI will always remain very close to my heart. I am thankful to my wonderful teachers from CIIS. I was able to get Co-op in Sunrise Toyota in Abbotsford (B.C) as a Customer database specialist. Now I am working with Stadus enterprises as an Assistant Manager and also handling Human Resources Department in the company. All the credit of my professional growth goes to CIIS.

Name: Yash Singh
Current position/organization: Product Support Engineer, SAP
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status: Work Permit
Professional growth: I believe it was really nice and continues learning journey from CIIS to Canada. Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me becoming more confident, independent and enthusiastic.

Name: Aryan Singh
Current position/organization: Senior Content Developer, Addmarts Digital
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status : Work Permit
Professional growth: BCS, the life changing factor of my life started in Fall 2016, since then I have been a Dean’s List awarded student who is to receive a full waive in fee for fourth year at Thompson Rivers University. Currently I have applied for Co-op and is still on the course of deciding what company I should opt for as the platform provided by CIIS was such strong that it has never been a difficult for me to find jobs here. CIIS has truly been a complete support and I thanks all the faculty members for the same.

Name: Gurnoor Kaur
Current position/organization: Quality Inspector (Glueckler Metal)
Program name: METY
Partner: Georgian College
Current visa status : Work Visa
Professional Growth: CIIS made me confident, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. . I am thankful to my wonderful teachers from CIIS for their support and guidance. I was able to get Co-op work term which gave me technical and organizational experience before graduation.

Name: Karanbir Singh
Current position/organization: Part Auditor (Honda of Canada Manufacturing)
Program name: METY
Partner: Georgian College
Current visa status : Work Visa
Professional Growth: Due to my keen interest in Mechanical studies, I joined METY program at CIIS. With the outstanding knowledge provided to me by CIIS, I got selected at Honda as a Part Auditor. I have never thought of that I will get the opportunity to work with such as great brand as a fresher but thanks to CIIS for making me so capable that I am working with such a great organization.

Name: Gurkirat Singh
Current position/organization: Quality check executive (Precision tool and die company)
Program name: HRMT
Partner: Saskatchewan Polytechnic College
Current visa status :Work Visa
Professional Growth: CGI taught me all the professional ethics at such a great extent that the movement I came here to Canada, I had an opportunity to work in Saint Clair College in Windsor as a tutor. Then I worked at Coating 85 tool and die Company. I didn’t face any trouble due to the learning’s of CIIS. Now I got the job offer from few hotels as well. I highly recommend CIIS to all the students who are willing to do international studies. CIIS will remain close to my heart.

Name: Jaspreet Singh
Current position/organization: lead order picker at indigo
Program name: IWDD
Partner: Georgian
Current visa status Student visa
Professional growth: Talking about experiences the day I started I was very nervous and was excepting new faces and new experiences and there were so many good moments that I had and I still miss. These moments were with my friends and with my teachers. They all were very supportive and friendly. The environment in CIIS always motivates me to better than yesterday. The freedom we got in CIIS was necessary for overall growth and for that spark to be better with each day passing and that really worked.

Name: Isha Saini
Current position/organization: Project Manager Co-op Organization- Appnovation, Vancouver
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status : Work Permit
Professional growth: I came to TRU, Kamloops after successfully completing my first two years of BCS program. I am thankful to my wonderful teachers from CIIS for their support and guidance. I was able to get Co-op work term which gave me technical and organizational experience before graduation. CIIS was a milestone where things changed for good in my life! - Isha Saini

Name: Simran Kashyap
Current position/organization: Quality Assurance Technologist (Winkler Meats)
Program name: FBT
Partner: Red Rivers College
Current visa status: Work permit

Name: Kirandeep Kaur Pannu
Current position/organization: Process Technician (Apotex Fermentation Inc.)
Program name: FBT
Partner: Red Rivers College
Current visa status: Work permit

Name: Amandeep Kaur Current position/organization: Licensed practical nurse (Cariboo memorial hospital) Program name: LPN Partner: Sprott Shaw College Current visa status : Work permit

Name: Ratanjot Kaur
Current position/organization: Product Support Engineer (SAP)
Program name: BCS
Partner: Thompson Rivers University
Current visa status : Student Visa

Name: Niyamat Malhotra
Current position/organization: HR Manager ,NA-TURI JOB SERVICES
Program name: IWDD
Partner: Georgian
Current visa status : Work permit
Professional growth: CGI not only taught me how to be job oriented but also made me more humane towards lesser priviliged. I had an oppurtunity to work in charity events and further broden my horizon towards different aspects of society. CGI will always remain very close to my heart

Name: Akshdeep Singh Malhi
Current position/organization: IT systems Analyst at Hydro one, Toronto
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status : Student Visa

Name: Arpit Kohli
Current position/organization: freelancer working for life care insurance and finance inc.
Program name: IWDD
Partner: Georgian
Current visa status : Student Visa

Name: Parneet Kaur
Current position/organization: security protect at University of Toronto
Program name: IWDD
Partner: Georgian
Current visa status : Student visa
Professional growth: My involvement with ciis was Great, I did first year of Interactive media Design web at ciis then I got transfer to Georgian College Barrie in Canada. I have learned numerous things while learning at ciis I got great experience, Further educators were extremely copperative and supportive. Indeed, even staff to they constantly prepared to help. As different understudies I generally have an interest to examine abroad, At that point my friend informed me regarding ciis that they are ideal if you want to study in canada. At that point Continental Group of Institutes, they clarified my the entire procedure then I took Admission in web Designing. Then after one year I got transferd to Georgian College, and now I am in Canada ciis encourages me to fullfil my dreams.Moreover I was an great experience with ciis and I need to prescribe this College to that understudies the individuals who need to examine Canada on the grounds that ciis have numerous Programs at their place and they have tie-up with ten best Colleges in Canada.

Name: Sahil Sharma
Current position/organization: freight broker at FITS Logistics
Program name: BCP
Partner: SIAST
Current visa status : Work permit
Professional growth: CIIS provided me with an wonderful opportunity to come to Canada in a wonderful way, where you are not alone in your journey to start a new life. My immigration struggle would not have been easier if I applied for the visa directly and came to Canada alone.

Name: Roopkiran Kaur Sarkaria
Current position/organization: 4th year Bachleor of computing science
Program name: BCS
Partner: TRU
Current visa status : Student visa
Professional growth: Within my course I have done Teaching assistant job for web development course at Tru , done a Summer student job - quality Assurance at Bclc and also completed 2 coop work terms at LVI Bc as Rework technician and bench technician. I will be graduating on April 2019. And love to work for a company that appreciate young talent and motivate them.

Name: Amrit Bhogal
Current position/organization: Customer care representative, Fido solutions
Program name: IWDD
Partner: Georgian
Current visa status : Work permit

"I choose to learn from the best therefore I joined the continental institute for international studies . It has safe and clean environment . This college not only teaches bookish education but also developed self confidence inside me. within six months of my course foundation in biotechnology I get exposed to new techniques which enhanced my knowledge and will be beneficial for my bright future . The teachers teaches in a effective way . The staff members are very cooperative and helped me every time when ever I was in difficult situation I am happy to study from here.

Sukhmanpreet Kaur
FBT RRC, Canada

"Make the difference Feel the difference"
To get access to the top Canadian Colleges and Universities, CIIS is the best way to go for. Here at CIIS the student makes the difference by choosing it and then the same difference is felt by them when they land at Canada. It provides you the best international education available. Studying at an International level is really a huge and difficult thing but the faculty and staff of CIIS reciprocate it to cakewalk. Teachers here are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they made my studies incredibly enjoyable. They galvanise there each student which ultimately leads them to the right path. Visa filing which seems like a massive task to deal with is mitigated here. The excellence of college's academia is outstanding, leaving the students with nothing less than deep understanding of the subjects.

In the year 2014 I got the opportunity to join CIIS and took admission in the BCS degree program of Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada and studied the fascinating subjects of Computers. Collaboration of the college professors, CIIS staff and my own long haul helped to accomplish my goals. The best advantage of studying here is that everything here is crystal clear starting form education till visa filing and the pulchritudinous environment provided to the student. I got visa my in May 2015 and spent one year in the college leaving this place with a sense of sorrow but also with a great portion of important knowledge and experience.

Yogesh, BCS Degree Program
TRU, Canada

CIIS is the best path to take transfer to various Canadian colleges and universities. I spent first two years of my bachelors in Computing Science degree at CIIS. The programs at CIIS are incredibly rich in their organization, academics and studentcentered approach. It offers a quality education. Moreover a great emphasis is given on practical and lab work at CIIS. While being at CIIS, I got an opportunity to gain knowledge from professors of Indian and Canadian origin. The courses seamlessly blend both content and culture. Each unique program offers a special core curriculum supplemented by focused study tours that provide both breadth and depth of study to facilitate student learning.

I joined the BCS degree program in the year 2012. The proficiency of the teachers ,the college staff and my own hard work helped me achieve good results in my studies.

I was awarded with Deans List Honour for four consecutive semesters by Thompson Rivers University for attaining a GPA greater than 3.50 each semester. I was also awarded with Best Student of the year award by CIIS in the year 2013. With all the skills and knowledge that I acquired at C.I.I.S, I was confident and ready to face all the challenges at the university. My academic study at CIIS was a successful pathway to Canada's fastest growing university – Thompson Rivers University (TRU). I got the visa in April 2014, and for that all credit goes to the visa filling staff at CIIS. They helped me at every moment and made the visa related things look quite easy.

Shirish Dwivedi, BCS Degree Program
TRU, Canada

"In order to get a first class education, CIIS was the most appropriate place to start!" I Manmeet Kaur received all the help I needed, either with my study or just my daily life issues. While studying Pre- Practical Nursing course at CIIS, I grew as an individual, learning to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. I spent 6 months studying at CIIS College and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. CIIS is not only professional in teaching international students, but the Faculty & Staff is also good at taking care of students. Studying at CIIS College has been one of my best decisions ever. I enjoyed the caring and friendly environment at CIIS. I couldn't imagine myself settling down so quickly in the Thompson Rivers University, Williams Lake, Canada without the knowledge and experience that I gained at CIIS. I finished my course last year and it has supported me to enjoy my College life more. The facilities at the University is impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel very supported.

Manmeet Kaur
Pre- Practical Nursing

I, Gurpreet Jassal , am a graduate with BCS degree from TRU, Kamloops, Canada. I joined CIIS in Fall 2006. I completed my CSOM (diploma) and left for TRU in Fall 2009. It was a different experience both in CIIS and TRU. In CIIS, I got an opportunity to study from some of the best professors of both Indian and Canadian origin. There have been many faculty members who have been an important part in my completion of degree that includes Harpreet Mam, Salil Sir, Vivek Sir, Brenda Matthews and Leo Burstyn. CIIS has been a platform through which I could experience the life in Canada. Experience in TRU has been easy, interesting and challenging at the same time. The style of teaching is unique, the living style is different, the culture is different but it has been a great learning experience. I did my co-op's both in India and Canada that gave a chance to step into the real world and implement what I had studied. Overall, my experience in CIIS and TRU has been a great learning experience and this has definitely made me ready and confident to face any challenge in life.

Gurpreet Jassal

My name is Shahbaz Singh Sandhu and I have completed 1 year at CIIS. It was a riveting experience here as i learned a lot from this college. After my 12th class i went to CIIS and this college opened my path for success. However i worked really hard and got more than 85% in 2 semesters as my credit goes to my parents and teachers who really supported me and helped me a lot for my career.I will suggest all students to take admission in this college as it gives an opportunity for a student to grow and develop in his or her field and achieve great heights of success. I really enjoyed here and once again want to thank all my teachers for their kind help and support. All the best for new students God bless all.

Shahbaz Singh Sandhu

"Three things you cannot recover in life: the WORD after it's said, the MOMENT after it's missed and the TIME after it's gone. Be Careful!"

My dream was to be known from my success. The best opportunity I got is to study in Canada where I can build my future in my own way. I chose CIIS, because this is a best possible way to study according to Canadian education system. The faculty in CiiS is awesome, they all are very nice. Moreover, when I started my studies in Georgian college, nothing was new to me because I already know how it works.

"No one is going to hand me success. I must go out & get it myself. That's why I'm here, to dominate, to conquer, both the world and myself.

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs."

Rahul Puri
AUBU - 2012

The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty at Continental Group of Institute has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmes and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members of Continental Group of Institute has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.

Amber Lau
Branch ME, Batch 2014
Asst. Engineer (Design & Development ) at Ralson india limited ,Ludhiana

Passion is what makes an engineer successful one but what matters the most is right education institute which fuels that passion. I have experienced a unique edge as an engineer at CGI, latest techniques, emerging technologies, best infrastructure and faculty which understands individual needs, available all under one umbrella. I stand proud and excited to start my journey as an engineer in one of the Top MNC's.

Hasleen Singh Rakhra
Branch ME, Batch 2014

I am very thankful to Continental Group of Institute, both the Faculty and TPP Department. TPP department conducted many tests like CGI-CAT and AMCAT for the students. I feel proud to be part of such esteemed organization and I am proud to get placed Cognizant and I dedicate my this achievement to my parents and CGI.

Md. Arif Sultan
Branch ME, Batch 2014
Site Engineer at Unique Engineers Pvt Ltd

Before taking admission in this college, I made a research about the placement in this college and I found that placements are very good. I met some of the pass out students on the convocation day of the college and mostly, they were placed in on-campus placements. Many companies make their choice as CGI Jalvehra for placements. There is a TPP (training placement program) included in our course which helps in dealing with difficulties and challenges during placements.

Shahid Raja Khan
Branch ME, Batch 2014
Engineer at Indraprastha Gas Limited

"Not knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do after high school, Civil Engineering Technology gave me direction and a stepping stone. This program gave me the opportunity to succeed in an engaging career in engineering. All the work and stress are definitely worth the doors that are available at the end. Now I have started my own business in the field of Civil Engineering and successfully running a firm named P.S. Kamboj Builders and contractors in Patiala.

Maninder Singh
Branch Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering course offered by Continental Institute of Engineering & Technology was one of the best decisions for my life. The 4 years of combined study and Co-op work experience set me up perfectly to jump in the workforce immediately, and I have never looked back. The program has set me up with industry related skills that have been and asset to my career my graduation and have allowed me to advance relatively quickly within my industry since graduation. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone with an interest in Civil Engineering, land development, survey, and design.

Raja Shadab
Branch Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a great field. There are plenty of job opportunities and a variety of exciting areas of work from drafting and design to the field and lab. There is so much potential to learn and grow in this field. What I like best is you are able to see the product of your work and really feel like you’re contributing. It’s a great way to be part of our changing world. Currently iam working in Silverglades Golf Development Company Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon as Site Engineer at Site Qutab Golf Course.

Maninder Kaur
Branch Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Technology program gave me a diverse range of skills in surveying, municipal design, drafting, and soil mechanics. The quality of education was exceptional. The program gave me good preparation to pursue my degree at Centennial College Toronto and I am now a Project Manager and I love my job. All of my professional success stemmed from this program.

Amandeep Kaur Dhaliwal
Branch Civil Engineering

“It all went by in a flash. The education I received in the Civil Engineering Technology Program not only allowed me to instantly join the industry but also excelled me beyond current industry employees. 3 years out of the program, in my current role, I am responsible as a Designer and Project Coordinator to take projects from concept to close. I also have been recognized and included in creating best practice procedures, file storage and civil 3D Manuals in R.S.S. Associates.

Jaspreet Singh
Branch Civil Engineering

I am talwinder kaur had completed my two years of my four year degree program in ciis . Now transferring to the parent campus of TRU kamploops .

The last two years were the most memorable period of my life as beside learning i had engrossed my self into the varios extra curricular activities .

Winning the best student of the year award was one of the wonderful moment i lived in CIIS, The faculty is so cooperative and encouraging that they always inspire you to pursue your goals with more dedication and sheer perfection , I reckon i have grown up with the CIIS and will do my best to bring laurels to my Alma mater .

Talwinder Kaur
BCS - 2011

Co-op Education in general term refers to cooperation between College andIndustry. It is a proven, realistic and practical method of career education adopted from the developed world that integrates academics with relevant work experience, blending career ambitions with studies through work experience. The CI.I.S.Program is incredibly rich in its organization, academics and student-centered approach. The high quality of CIIS stems from the involvement of faculty and staff who are deeply committed to quality undergraduate education with a global perspective.The courses seamlessly blend both content and culture.

The CIIS faculty is simply outstanding; they have a great classroom presence and have great depth within their respective disciplines. Each unique program offers a special core curriculum supplemented by focused study tours that provide both breadth and depth of study to facilitate student learning.

In 2010, I enrolled in the BachelorsofComputing Science programme (B.C.S.) which is an excellent pathway to the University. The proficiency of the teachers and the College staff helped me achieve good results in my studies. With all the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at C.I.I.S College, I was confident and ready to face all the challenges at the university. My academic year at College was a successful pathway to Canada's fastest growing university – Thompson Rivers University (TRU). In April 2012, after 2 years of study, I successfully completed my exams and in June 2012, I got my student visa to further broaden my educational future in TRU, Canada. The visa filing staff in C.I.I.S was a great help.

Life at CIIS was also fun. I had the opportunity to meet students from different countries and some of them have become my best friends. The picnics, trips and activities that were organized throughout the year were also fun, enjoyable and memorable Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. Therefore, I would say "It's not the end, but just the beginning of our educational journey!" Thank you to all of my teachers at CIIS who were there for me all the time and good luck to the current students for their studies!" Thanks again CIIS

Shahnaaz Ghotra

I wanted to write at this time to let you know how grateful. I am for everything CIIS have done to me. On behalf of me and my whole family I would like to thank you for your help and support. You made my dream come true as it was my dream to be a part of Chemical and Biosciences at Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. CIIS have always been very supportive and I am proud that I had been a part of it. Also, I am very grateful to all my staff for their sincere hospitality, concern and kind support not only to me but to all the students at CIIS. I feel CIIS to be my family and it will always be my family. My visa counselor Mrs. Aman have always supported me and helped me whenever I felt low or stressed. Choosing Red River College was all because of sincere effort of Mrs. Navjeet kaur (coordinator of biotechnology). All the teachers are very kind and understand you and satisfy you whenever you are in the problem.

In the same way I was in a big dilemma as I was having 3-4 months in between my visa filling and I was confused what to do and what not ? Finally Miss Mandeep showed me the right way that is to do french instead of wasting my time. and that was one of the best decision of my life as Canada have French as it's second official language. Thanks CIIS for making my future bright and choosing the right path. CIIS is the best and will always be. I am proud to be a continentonian and student at Red River College. Thanks again CIIS


I just want to give my thank you note for all that CIIS do to make students at par with the International Curriculum at TRU. I never faced any problem and also got an international scholarship right after my second semester at TRU for excellent GPA and finally a good Co-op Job. I cherished each moment spent at CIIS with you all, I grew up as well as developed educationally at CIIS. I still remember visiting Visa Department for my visa procedures. Thank you so much again to every instructor and staff at CIIS.


My Experience in this institution has been great. I came acrossVery good friends and teachers. It is only due to the efforts ofThe faculty that my dream of studying abroad has come true. I have learnt lot new things here.


This is the effect of CIIS that today I am able to start a new future In Canada after completing my senior secondary from India. I was interested in Education abroad when I joined CIIS for 6 months foundation course. I stepped into a new world. I got support from All the teachers and Visa filing staff and today I am having my visa Stamped on my passport.


I Student of CIIS is happy with the studies and teacher I this College. It is really a goal experience to be in this college. I'we Completed my business studies here after that. I applied for Canada for My further studies in Paralegal with six bands in Ielts with the great thanks to Jaipreet Mam who helped me and guide me in proper way to apply to Canada. She is really a star for me. I am very happy with the faculity and atmosphere of this college. Everyone here is very friendy. Again special thanks to Jaipreet Mam and Kiran Mam who helped me to get my offer letter. In the end my experience in this college is really amazing and thanks to the college. I am going to Canada its like dream come true. Thanks for every thing.


Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of fire. Due to ciis I got my visa in my hand after the refusals. After Studying for six months at ciis. I wa prepred for my brighter future. I have gained all the rights ingredients that are required to make a persons a successful professionals.

Karanbir Singh Benipal

CIIS is the best thing that has happened to me, I joined the FBT&H course in july 2011, I was heruous as earlier I had rejection from the UK embassy . I also had got of 5 years after my 12th aloss. I got very personalized counseling . finally today I have got my visa stamped after 5 months as committed. I was overwhelmed when I saw my visa. CIIS is different from others It has guided to me regarding the true picture of the outside world. I am great full to everyone at CIIS for their contribution and support. I owe my parents for supporting me at every step of my Life.

Amarjit Singh

After Completing my +2. I was a little confuse what to do, CIIS helped me a lot in determing my aim and I got admission in FAME, Comletes the pre course and then I was leady to migtate to Canada, but I got blind follow by on agent, then afterwards I filled my case again within 6 months and got my visa in about 10 days. The most touching thing about CIIS is that the facilities that yo get here like wifi campus etc, helped me a lot to maintain a good contact with the outside world, secondly the college staff is very helpful .

Gurjit Singh

After Completing my +2. I am little confused where to continue my study. Then my friends told me about CIIS. I was very happy to take admission in CIIS. I had very good experience in CIIS. Every teacher here helped me very much in my studies and other activities. I filed my case on 25th nov 2011. I got my visa on 7th of December. I am very thankful to staff of CIIS.

Dilpreet Singh

Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire. This is the effect that CIIS had on me. After Studying at CIIS for 2 and a half year, I have gained all the right infredients that are required to make a person a successful professional. I hope CIIS maintains the quality of education and helps other students to realize their dream.

Amanjot Singh
BBA 5th sem.

CIIS is the best thing that has happened to me. I applied through on agent earlier but could not receive my visa. I got a rejection. I was upset and started explaning for new option. Then I got a reference about CIIS from my friend. I came here and enquired about various courses. I got very personalized counseling sessions. Finally I got enrolled for a foundation course of Business tourism and hospitality (FBT&H).

Finally today I have got my visa with in six months as commited. CIIS is different from other colleges. It helped me to achieve my goal and also guided me through out regarding the real big picture of the outside world. Thanks to Everyone at CIIS for their contribution and support to achieve my aim. I have recommended this college to my brother got admission for the next immidate batch. I will continue commending to do the same to other as well.

Balkar Singh Padda

I got admission in CIIS in july of 2011 education is not filling of pail, but the lighting of a fire. This is the effect that CIIS has had on me. It was a peep into with bold aspirations and adequate knowledge. I got admission at Sheridan College Canada and I also got the visa for same. I got the opportunity to study in business sector. I am highly thankful to CIIS for helping me in getting my visa for Canada. I will be proud to be in alumni of CIIS. I will recommend everyone who wishes to study abroad to take admission. I am really very thankful to each and every person at CIIS. Thanks for being there.

Navneet Kaur
FBS (Foundation in Business Studies)

It is surely a fruit of same good karma I did, for I got such a wonderful chance of embarking my higher studies here at CIIS & place where along within international academic excellence, we get exposure to other pivotal experience of life both good and bad. The teachers at CIIS are very helpful and co-operative. All other faculty members and staff, be it be any person everyone performs their task to the fullest. I have completed my two years here and I never realized how time rolled up is fast. With almighly grace and worthy advice of our visa counselor, I new have my Canadian visa and will flying to Canada very soon, CIIS has given me the golden moments of my life, same friend and loveable memories which will make me when ever I will look back. Thanks for every thing CIIS, I owe you a lot!

Rajdeep Kaur Randhawa
TRU, Bachelor in Computing Science

I stepped in CIIS in july of 2011. The six months that followed Transformed. It from a calling into my window to the professional world. Each day at CIIS gave a new prospective to my knowledge base. The growth and grooming was holistic . adrquate importance was given to social skills and comic sensibility. This overall department was appreciated so mach so that I got admission at red river college and also got visa for the same. I am highly thankful to CIIS for helping me in getting my visa for Canada. CIIS has been a great institution which provides platform to so many students like me to achieve our dream for undergoing overseas education. I will be proud to be in alumni of CIIS. I will recommend everyone who wishes to study abroad to take admission with this prestigious institute. Once again my hearties graduate to each and every person at CIIS.

Rakinder Singh Bains

What attracted me towards CIIS was the unique pattern of International education in india. CIIS has been tremendours help in providing theoretical knowledge to practice. I got admission at CIIS in july 2011. In six months course of Fame. Each day at CIIS gave a new perspective to my knowledge base. I appeared the efforts of the faculty in helping me clear cut my IELTS with 7.5 bands. Everyone at CIIS encouraged at every step. The growth and grooming was houstic , importance was given to social skills. All this helped me a lot to grab a seat for aircraft maintenance engg at the prestigious red river college and also got the visa for the same. I will recommend everyone who wish for the bright future to take admission at CIIS. Once again, my heartiest gratitude to each and every person at CIIS.

Ravinder Kaur

I always consider CIIS to be a milestone in making my way through international studies. I have enjoyed my life to the core while pursuing my studies at CIIS and I will always be proud to be known as a CIISonion. I was so delighted to know about the Reunion at CIIS but it was heartbreaking for me as I won't be a part of it. The staff, the infrastructure, and friends, everyone has given me beautiful unforgettable memories of my life. Exams, bunking lectures, group assignments and many more things which cannot be wrapped around with only a few words. I am in University of Auckland and pursuing my Bachelors degree and doing pretty well over here. All thanks to the teaching staff of CIIS. I hope CIIS helps many more students like me to shape their careers. Cheers!!!

Prikshit Sabharwal,